Timber Panel Products Distribution Centre

Timber Panel Products Distribution Centre

This warehouse in Kilsyth provides a striking example of the ease and efficiency of warehouse construction with engineered wood products. Spans of 18 metres allow for efficient warehouse operations for Timber Panel Products.
Environmentally, the 100% renewable plantation grown radiata LVL and plywood used in the frame make the warehouse a great example of modern construction.
Prefabrication by Timberbuilt meant that connections were simple and quick for riggers and other conventional trades who are used to steel construction.
The warehouse is noticeably quieter than a steel equivalent, and showcases the versatility of engineered wood products for the owners and occupiers, Timber Panel Products.
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Project Details

LocationKilsyth, Victoria


Structural designTimberbuilt Pty Ltd

BuilderPellicano Constructions

Size2,400 square metres

  • Large open spans and easy assembly – this distribution centre is a quiet, well engineered and environmentally responsible structural solution.

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