PRAAC – Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre

PRAAC – Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre

The design proposed for the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre (PRACC) by Advanced Timber Concepts (ATC) was concieved as a building for the community of Pingelly to enhance, create and link sporting and cultural spaces. The value of a building to a community is determined by a wide range of factors. Paramount among them is whether the facility meets the functional needs of the community, and whether it is ‘loved enough’ for everyone to want to use it. If it is loved and if it ‘works’, then it will be well cared for and will grow in value as a community asset. Of course, the converse is also true. If it is too expensive to run, then it will generate problems for the community that are difficult to deal with. If it is too hot or too cold, too noisy or too easily damaged, users will find it problematic and administrators will dread both the bills and the complaints. The building must hit a fine balance point.

The different functional areas are separated and attached to a wide verandah which serves as an outdoor foyer to each of the elements of the project. This allows for:

• The maximum of natural ventilation for active areas like the sports hall, the function rooms and the gymnasium

• An easily accessed spill out or overflow area for those occasions when crowds are large

• It therefore allows the separate functional areas to be designed for appropriate day to day use rather than designing for the maximum potential numbers.

The following design criteria were established at an early stage in the project:

• Design to optimise use of outdoor or sheltered areas to complement indoor functional areas.

• Design to optimise construction technologies to make most efficient use of prefabrication and off -site assembly of major components.

• Design to optimise the use of locally available skills and service providers.

The building is designed to be constructed on a platform or deck that floats over the natural ground level, thus minimizing ground, excavation and filling works. To achieve the same result with a conventional slab on filled ground a volume in excess of 4500cu.m. of fill material would need to be trucked into the site and compacted in situ. The building is designed as a timber structure, using a combination of solid timber and engineered timbers [ie. Plywoods, Glulam, Laminated Veneer Lumber]. There are many advantages of this system in terms of construction efficiency, environmental benefit, lifecycle costing and user appeal. ATC Studio have also designed the building to make appropriate use of local West Australian Hardwoods and plantation softwoods wherever possible. As designed, the PRACC will qualify for the highest energy rating and will meet the highest level green star assessment by the Green Building Council of Australia.

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LOCATIONPingelly, Western Australia


ARCHITECTatc studio & iredale pedersen hook

BUILDERSime Building


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