Macquarie Island Machinery Shed

Macquarie Island Machinery Shed

When Timberbuilt supplied an ecoBarn 10 structural system to Mark Pekin for construction in central Victoria in 2006, little did we realise that, that project would lead to the successful bids to supply of not one, but eventually two further ecoBarn structures for construction on Macquarie Island. It turned out that Mark Pekin is an engineer working for the Australian Antarctic Division and he recognised that the benefits of the ecoBarn system would help meet the extreme challenges presented by the remoteness and environment of Macquarie Island. On Macquarie Island, the wind howls constantly with wind gusts recorded of up to 185 km/hr, rain occurs for 330 days per year and with the building to be sited only 4 m above sea level, the air is constantly salt and moisture laden. Not only that, but for added pressure there is one supply boat per year calling in on the way to Antarctica and only a narrow window of opportunity for construction the following summer – making it imperative that the building system is simple and quick to install and above all, complete. There is no hardware store back-up on Macquarie Island!
For this challenge Timberbuilt prepared a special structural design to resist the higher wind loading, and special detailing of the bracing and connections to meet both the incessant pounding of the wind and the high corrosion hazard. Care and attention to detail in the application of 3D software modelling of the complete structure helped ensure that nothing was missed and after supply to meet the boat sailing in early February 2013, the modified ecoBarn12 building was successfully installed in early summer that year.

Project Details

LocationMacquarie Island, Tasmania


Structural designTimberbuilt Australia Pty Ltd

ClientAustralian Antarctic Division