Faraday Portal Frames

Faraday Portal Frames

This portal frame house structure was featured on Grand Designs Australia as the “Faraday Aussie Bush House”. Timberbuilt prepared a 3D software model of the 12 portal frames in the structure and prefabricated these to the very high order of accuracy required for the frame joints to provide the required rigidity whilst minimising any possibility of assembly ‘complications’ – for these types of connections to function correctly, drilling out to correct the smallest misalignment in not an option. All associated hardware was supplied by Timberbuilt and we also provided comprehensive assembly drawings and installation advice. This comprehensive approach to prefabrication not only helps with the efficiency of installation but also helps ensure structural reliability for the completed structure. For further description of this project please refer to the links below.

Faraday Aussie Bush House House – Take a Tour

Faraday Aussie Bush House – Supplier List

Project Details

LocationFaraday, Victoria


ArchitectModus Architects Pty Ltd

BuilderMGH Constructions - Mike Gibson