Dindas Distribution Building

Dindas Distribution Building

Rapid construction, easy connections and safe on-ground assembly are features of this distribution centre, with 42 m clear-spanning portal frames.

This purpose-built warehouse and distribution centre was simply assembled and erected using riggers and cranage contractors. Timberbuilt’s simple assembly means ease of construction allowed for 90% of assembly on the ground, improving safety on site.
This distribution centre in Tingalpa boasts impressive 42 m open spans, and was erected quickly and efficiently. Portal frames are manufactured from LVL and plywood in box sections, producing light yet very high strength rafters and columns.

I-beam purlins also provide strong yet lightweight solutions, and simple connections ensure rapid construction without the need for highly skilled trades.

The ability to assemble the roof “cassettes” on the ground, then simply lift into place slotting into the column gussets significantly reduced OH & S risk during construction.

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Source: Australian Timber Design, September 1997

Project Details

LocationTingalpa, Queensland


Size3250 square metres


  • On-site assembly is simplified, so conventional rigger-contractors can be used. This controls cost and eliminates delays.

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