Multi-Purpose Centre – Curved and raked walls

Multi-Purpose Centre – Curved and raked walls

Curved and raked walls, 3D modelled and manufactured in panels, enabling cost control with quick on-site assembly with fewer and lower skilled trades

This case study is a project where walls were curved, tall and with a top plate rising at an incline. This combination meant that the top plate curve could only be determined by 3D modelling in Cadwork.
The construction client was faced with carpentry contractors being unable or unwilling to quote a fixed labour price.
Timberbuilt Australia were able to give a fixed price for walls that enabled the client to budget effectively by prefabricating flat-packed panels. The modular supply also massively reduced the labour costs on site. Each 1.2 metre module was flat-packed with a bag containing dowels and fasteners, plus an individual assembly drawing.
On-site trades were able to easily and rapidly assemble the walls, which fitted with precision provided by Cadwork and our Hundegger precision joinery machine.
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Project Details

LocationMount Barker, South Australia


BuilderBuilding Eco Systems Pty Ltd