CNC Based Prefabrication

CNC Manufacture

The acquisition and commissioning of a German Hundegger K2 joinery machine by Timberbuilt in 2007, together with the adoption of 3D software modelling has brought the opportunity for the design and implementation of the most complex structures and jointing systems.
The precision of this equipment and the options it provides enable a level of prefabrication that virtually eliminates the need for high levels of carpentry skill and reliance upon measurement for installation. Traditional jointing methods including mortise and tenon and dovetail mortise and tenon not only speed installation but also enhance the aesthetic appeal in comparison with brackets and suchlike.
From the very beginnings of the construction process, from design through prefabrication and installation, these technologies substantially reduce the scope for human error.
Timber Engineering Design

3D Software Modelling & BIM interoperability

  • CAD/CAM prefabrication features such as self-locating, rigid joints and reduced member weight greatly increased the speed of construction and reduced construction costs.

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