BIM Interoperability

3D Software Modelling &
BIM interoperability

Timberbuilt began using CADWORK 3D software modelling technology in 2007 and over time have developed the capability to use this powerful tool effectively and to engage fully in BIM interoperability.

The software enables us to initially encapsulate and verify the design concept. Then, through what is usually an iterative process with others (BIM interoperability), the software facilitates the further development of detail to the point where components, their joints and intersections with other building elements are all resolved and the virtual 3D model is an accurate representation of the relevant details of the intended building. Used diligently, the use of this technology minimises errors, mismatches and construction ‘impossibilities’ before manufacture and site installation, with significant savings over the all too often used ‘they will work it out on site’ approach, all too often associated with consequent costly delays, reworking and ‘finger pointing’.

CNC Manufacture

Timber Engineering Design

  • Our aim is to provide neatly detailed, cost effective and structurally reliable systems that can be successfully installed without reliance upon high level carpentry skill or knowledge.

    | Jarrod K


Timberbuilt Solutions specialises in timber engineering design and prefabrication of timber building systems using 3d software modelling (BIM) and German CNC manufacturing technology



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